Adrian Ionut Buzac

Lothar Koch

Adrian Ionut Buzac belongs to the highest class of young international oboists; he has been deemed a master pupil ("Meisterschüler") by Lothar Koch and Günther Passin.
Born in Kronstadt (Brasov, Romania) in 1980, Adrian Ionut Buzac was given first lessons on the oboe at the age of 11. Already by the age of 16, he had begun oboe studies at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg with Prof. Lothar Koch, which he then continued with Prof. Günther Passin.

Alfredo Bernardini

He completed his first diploma as well as the final diploma with highest honours.

The desire to be able to base his knowledge upon the widest possible foundation is what led Adrian Buzac to pursue further studies in instrumental and vocal pedagogy, Barockoboe, a degree in musicology and finally, his PhD doctoral studies (Doctor of Philosophy).


Along with his Mozarteum studies, Adrian attended master classes in oboe, composition and Baroque oboe. He was awarded scholarships for outstanding progress from the Mozarteum University, the Innsbruck Festival for Early Music, the Soros Foundation, the Karajan Centrum in Berlin and the Sofie Fohn Scholarship Foundation. 

In addition, Adrian Ionut Buzac was frequently the first prize winner in national and international competitions. He has been promoted by Gustav Kuhn, Dennis Russell Davies, Gustavo Dudamel and other influential conductors. 

Gustavo Dudamel

Beginning at a very early age, he acquired extensive orchestra experience and an immense repertoire with orchestras and ensembles including Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra, Erl Tyrolean Festival Orchestra (principal Oboe 2000-2011), Bruckner Orchestra of Linz, Haydn Orchester Bozen, Simon Bolivar Orchestra, Venezuela, Kammerphilharmonie of Salzburg, Salzburg Chamber Soloists, Lichtenstein Symphony Orchestra, Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra, Austrian Ensemble for New Music in Salzburg (OENM), Windkraft New Music Ensemble of Tyrol, Sinfonietta Montfort, Vienna Concert Society as well as the Symphony Orchestra and Wind Philharmonic of the Mozarteum University in Salzburg.

Maurice Bourgue

Within the context of this expansive orchestral activity, Adrian Ionut Buzac has given concerts with his wind quintet, "Penta Musica", as well as soloist in numerous renowned concert venues like the Berliner Philharmonie, Vienna Musikverein´s Brahmssaal and Schubertsaal, in the Salzburg Great Hall, Mozarteum, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Victoria Hall in Geneva and many others.

Along with opera star Anna Netrebko, the Austrian citizenship was bestowed on Adrian Ionut Buzac on the grounds of "already attained and in expectation of future outstanding accomplishments" in the special interest of the Republic. An additional honour in 2005 was the title of Austrian Cultural Ambassador given to him and the "Penta Music" ensemble by the Austrian Federal Government.

Hansjörg Schellenberger

With "Penta Music", he has been awarded scholarships by Yehudi Menuhin Foundation Live Music Now, Gottfried von Einem Private Music Foundation, Herbert von Karajan Centrum, Vienna, and a special prize as best wind quintet by Gradus ad Parnassum 2004. 

When the opening for the professorship position for oboe was officially announced in 2008 at the Vorarlberg State Conservatory, Adrian was able to assert himself clearly amid strong international competition in solo as well as in teaching auditions and has held this position as Professor for Oboe and Chamber Music very successfully since then. Along with this, however, he continues to be an internationally welcomed and highly esteemed soloist and orchestra musician at many important music events.

Karl Leister und Ferenc Bognár

Students from across all of Europe are drawn to Feldkirch meanwhile to study with him. What they appreciate about Adrian is his one hundred percent investment for his students as well as his ability to further develop the individual talents of each single one. 

Adrian Ionut Buzac is not only an excellent musician but also an inspired and inspiring pedagogue who is prepared whenever necessary to devote his time and energy to be there for his students.

Friends and Supports

Herbert von Karajan Stiftung Berlin
Karajan Centrum-Salzburg
International Salzburg Association
Bundeskanzleramt Sektion Kunst
Bundesministerium für Inneres
Präsidium der Salzburger Festspiele
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Emanuel und Sofie Fohn-Stipendienstiftung
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Honorary friends

Livia Hollo, Peter Baxrainer, Radu Buzac, Rony Moser, Gundula Leitner, Fabian Pablo Müller, Johannes Hämmerle

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